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3 Roadblocks that prevent you from living a long healthy life!

Your cells are screaming WHY WHY WHY and you’re not listening.  It has occurred to me ever since I learned about the power of cellular nutrition (that means feeding all 32.3 trillion of the cells in your body the nutrients they need to perform their best so you have tip top health) that I knew nothing about this.

As a wellness specialist, I actually knew very little about nutrition, even tho I thought I knew enough – you know – follow the Food Pyramid and eat a balance of fats, carbohydrates and protein.  As it turns out all I knew about nutrition was what government agencies “spoon fed” me and I have learned that there is more to know – actually a LOT MORE.  So I started searching for what I didn’t know and now feel very strongly that WE ARE ALL IN SERIOUS TROUBLE IF WE DON’T MAKE SOME DRASTIC CHANGES WITH OUR NUTRITION. 

Chronic Disease and Nutrition

We have a huge epidemic going on of chronic disease – you or someone close to you may have already succumbed – and it is closely related to your nutritional state.  And healthcare with all its power, drugs and surgeries is not helping us win this war. WE need to take charge and fight this battle with the latest sophisticated tools available that don’t require the healthcare system to lead the way.  The only solution is to look inside yourself and view your cells (and you could with a microscope) and you would hear them screaming – – –

“feed me what I need, not all that junk food you shove down my throat and those poor quality vitamins.  I’ve got serious work to do here to keep you healthy and I need you to partner with me and choose the best food and vitamins you can find.”

So now that you’ve listened to what your cells are saying, what are you going to do about it? Believe me I’ve heard all the excuses.  Are any of these yours?

I don’t take vitamins – I get all the nutrition I need from food.

What you are really saying is you might have a false belief about nutrition and aren’t ready to give up on the story that was sold to you long ago.

The food we grow today is deficient in nutrients because we have over farmed and over chemicalized the land so crops don’t have the nutrients they once had.  Not only that,  – tell the truth now –  you don’t always have time to cook your own food to eat healthier and often fall prey to fast food and restaurant food which we know is laced with sugar, fat and salt.  And that is why it is critical to take extra nutrients to fortify your body.

All vitamins are the same so I buy the cheapest.

What you are really telling yourself is that you don’t value yourself enough to spend the amount of money to buy the best.  You are more accustomed to spending money on others rather than yourself

Quality is everything if you want your cells to be healthy.  The sad news is that the vitamin industry is not regulated so the vitamins you buy off the shelf don’t measure up, because they don’t have to.  Trust me, I know most of those companies are in it for the money and not the quality.  But I bet you knew that about corporations already, right?  And the other sad news is that the high quality vitamins are harder to find so you may not even know where to look?  Click here for a great resource that rates all the vitamins on the market.

My family has been taking the same vitamins for years and I don’t want to upset them if I change.

What you are really saying is that someone else is calling the shots on your life.

I remember being loyal to a brand of skin care for 20 years and I thought it was the best thing ever. But then I learned about all the chemical preservatives and toxins that are in skin care products.  And by digging into a jar with my fingers every day meant the cream had bacteria in it and I was spreading it all over my face. YUCK!  I quickly switched to a preservative-free brand and my skin has never looked better and has certainly fewer wrinkles and bumps.

Just want you to have the facts!

OK – maybe these are not your excuses, but as a health and wellness educator, it is my duty to share with you the best information I can find to help you achieve the best possible health you can have.  So if you are making excuses about your health choices, my only hope is you are seeking the truth when you make decisions so you are as informed as you can possibly be.   In healthcare we call that “informed consent”, right?

Assess Yourself

So here is what I want to offer you.  Please click here and complete this Health Assessment and find out what you really need to be optimally healthy and what vitamins you might need to push you forward to the next level of wellness.  Then contact me and I would be thrilled to talk more with you about your next steps.  So what do you think?  Are in IN or are you OUT?  If you are IN let’s make this happen together!

Be WELL on your Journey


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