Wellness Expert Carol Ebert

Wellness Specialist and Business Entrepreneur Carol Ebert is a creative force for education and wellness.  Her career began in nursing but her vision was more aligned with prevention than treatment, so she shifted to wellness, her true passion. 

Her professional experience is varied but always grounded in wellness.  Health Educator, College Health Director, Wellness Business Outreach Coordinator, Wellness Coach and Trainer and currently Solopreneur and CEO of her own Wellness Coaching Business.

Carol models what life can look like in Your 3rd Act – great health, takes care of her body, mind and spirit, very active, lots of energy, always learning and growing and living life to its fullest. She wants that for you too and has the knowledge and skill to move you in the right direction.


What I believe:

I’m only given one body and one life to live.  It is my job to take the best care of me that I can and to model healthy behavior so others can see what is possible.  I am here to help you do that as well.

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