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After many years in nursing, I thought I was a pretty good communicator. However, as a wellness specialist and health educator my ability to affect lifestyle change seemed to be limited. Based on my expert opinion, I told patients and clients what to do to get healthier, but few seemed to follow my advice.


So why did my expert advice not create change?

I discovered the reason after I left my corporate job to go out on my own. Lost and confused about what to do next with my career, a wise Nurse Coach guided me using coaching communication techniques without telling me what to do. She kept her opinion to herself and guided me toward discovering what I needed to do to bring joy back into my life again. I was then able to create a plan perfect for me which propelled me into my next career path as an independent practitioner. This change in energy and attitude happened after only three sessions – and I didn’t need counseling! I was so amazed and excited about the process and its power, that I immediately sought coaching training. I became a certified Mindful Coach - and also a Coach Trainer - so I could help others realize their dreams.  

Ready to take the plunge?


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