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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching with CAROL EBERT


After many years in nursing, I thought I was a pretty good communicator.  However, as a wellness specialist and health educator my ability to affect lifestyle change seemed to be limited.  Based on my expert opinion, I told patients and clients what to do to get healthier  but few seemed to follow my advice.  So why did my expert advice not create change?

I discovered the reason after I left my corporate job to go out on my own.  Lost and confused about what to do next with my career, a wise Nurse Coach guided me using coaching communication techniques  without  telling me what to do. She kept her opinion to herself and guided me toward discovering what I needed to do to bring joy back into my life again.  I was then able to create a plan perfect for me which propelled me  into my next career path as an independent practitioner.  This change in energy and attitude happened after only three sessions – and I didn’t need counseling!  I was so amazed and  excited about the process and its power, that I immediately sought coaching training.  I became a certified Mindful Coach  -  and also a Coach Trainer -  so I could help others realize their  dreams.  

So what about you? 

Are you in need of some coaching to help figure out your next life path?


As a coach, I am great at - --


  • Helping you think of possibilities you never considered before

  • Discovering your passions and what brings you joy

  • Getting you excited about changing and growing

  • Uncovering creative solutions

  • Being supportive, enthusiastic and inspiring

  • Having fun with the process


Coaching will help you:


  • Stay on track with your health goals

  • Change procrastination into action

  • Exercise more regularly

  • Eat healthy

  • Lose weight

  • Reduce your stress level

  • Find the time to do it all


How it works:


  • Weekly or bi-weekly 30-45 minute phone sessions  

  • You decide which goals to work on

  • You control the agenda for each call – I don’t tell you what to do! (nice, huh?)

  • I listen, ask questions, challenge your thinking at times, hold you accountable to your goals, and cheer you along toward success

  • And of course confidentiality is assured!


Ready to take the plunge?


Fill out the form below to request an appointment to answer all your questions.


Hope to hear from you soon!

Here's what clients are saying:

 I give Carol credit for me taking the leap into entrepreneurship. She wrote an article in a nursing magazine, that I clipped out and still have 5-6 years later, on how nursing has given her the skills and experiences she needed to do just about any job she wanted. It spoke so clearly to me that I knew I HAD to connect with her and she helped me discover the world of coaching!

Natalie Lavelock Coaching and Consulting


Carol Ebert has been my coach, mentor and business guru for several years now. She provides support and direction as I endeavor to expand  my business presence in the Health and Wellness field. Carol's guidance has been key in my ability to grow my business. Her coaching skills are far and above others I've worked with and her spot on Powerful Questions continually bring me to find the answers buried within. I highly recommend Carol for Health & Wellness business coaching and for Health and Wellness presentations.  She is the full package.  Carol can take you to your next level in your health and wealth development. 

Lynn Bakken RN. FNP, Certified Wellness Coach

When I began working with Carol, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious about my future. It didn’t take long for me to realize I could really trust Carol, she not only genuinely cared about me, but she really listened. I looked forward to our phone calls where I could unload, together we would process and come up with fresh ideas and a plan of action. In the end, I walked away with a new sense of self and a new level of self-confidence as I transitioned into retirement.  

Martha B, Public School Teacher

I have worked with Carol on many occasions and in a variety of ways. Each time I work with her, I get more out of our connection than I ever expected. She is a fabulous coach with a great amount of integrity and expertise in helping me reach my goals. I have enjoyed her guidance and coaching and would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone!

Catherine Tryon, Marketing Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Carol is vibrant, energetic, creative and truly interested in her clients health and well being. 

Kay Buck, Commercial Relationship Manager, Peoples State Bank, Viroqua, WI

"A very competent professional offering very professional advice and service." 

Fred Leafgren, Personality Resources International; Co-Founder of the National Wellness Institute

"Carol is an RN well versed in nutrition. I am also an RN and very choosy when it comes to putting supplements in my body. I expect the best!! You can trust that Carol is very passionate about helping people and has your best health interest In mind!!" 

Pam Dunwald RN, Cabin Creek Marketing

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