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Gut Matters

Optimize Your Digestion and Boost Your Mood

30-Day Gut Matters Program

Are you bothered with gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation?  This program can help.  Gut Matters is a gentle detox program that reduces inflammation of the gut and supports the body’s digestion and detoxification systems.

Why Detox?

We are living in a world with increasing toxins and carcinogens.  Our environment exposes us to so many toxins that get absorbed into our body that our liver (our detox organ) cannot keep up with the stress of dealing with all this.  And we now know that environmental factors are one of the major causes of 80-90% of all cancers.  So we need to fortify our bodies and especially the liver to fend off this attack.

What are the benefits of a Healthy Detox?

  • Reduce belly fat by cleaning up your digestion

  • Look better and feel energized

  • Improve your quality of sleep

  • Improve your immune function

  • Eliminate toxins

  • Strengthen your body’s production of healthy cells

  • Cleanse congestion, fermentation, inflammation in your digestive tract

  • Reform your lifestyle habits

What’s included in the Gut Matters Program?

  • Membership to an online program that will support you for 30+ days including videos, audios, downloadable handouts including shopping list, menus, recipes

  • Delicious plant-based, low-glycemic, sugar-free, soy free, dairy free, gluten free nutritious protein/meal replacement powder for making smoothies

  • Full month’s supply of pharmaceutical-grad, milk-free probiotic supplement to support your digestive health

  • Full month’s supply of pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes with added artichoke extract for extra antioxidant power to support your digestive health

  • Full month’s supply of pharmaceutical grade Liver Detox support help your body’s detoxifying organ break down waste products

  • Access to the Gut Matters “private” Facebook Group where you can connect with other people from around the world who are going through the same process you are.  This group of like-minded people is supported by a group of wellness coaches who created the program.

  • 30 days of Chef and Doctor approved delicious gluten and dairy free recipes


This life-changing program is valued at $2800, but we are offering it to you for $299!

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Here's what one satisfied client has to say:

After 8 years of dealing with severe Ulcerative Colitis, I completed Carol’s Digestive health Program which included top quality wellness products and wellness coaching. I had been on dangerous prescription drugs from my doctor, but after 6 months of doing well on Carol’s program,  my doctor agreed to reduce my meds.

I’m happy to say I have no side effects to reducing my meds and my doctor has agreed to another reduction and eventually no MEDS!! Carol’s digestive health program works and I’m living proof that a chronic illness doesn’t have to be a life of dangerous maintenance drugs. Respectfully,

James H., Owner

Gut Matters: Welcome
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