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Rave Reviews

From Happy Clients

When I began working with Carol, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious about my future. It didn't take long for me to realize I could really trust Carol, she not only genuinely cared about me, but she really listened. I looked forward to our phone calls where I could unload, together we would process and come up with fresh ideas and a plan of action. In the end, I walked away with a new sense of self and a new level of self-confidence. 

Martha B

After meeting with Carol on one to one basis I decided to try her program of sugar busting. She helped me with weekly counseling sessions to help me make a lifestyle change after the sugar busting program was done. With her help and learning about good foods to eat and which foods affect blood sugar level I started my journey. 

After 12 months I had lost 40 pounds, when I saw my doctor for a visit shortly after one year  starting the program I was able to drop my A1C level from 6.9 down to 5.7. The doctor was so pleased that on my next visit he removed me from two diabetic drugs. 

I just had my two year anniversary on this program and continue my lifestyle change, I have maintained my weight loss, and my A1C level is still 5.7. I would highly recommend contacting Carol to help you with sugar addiction and helping you make a lifestyle change and improve your life.

Ken B

Carol Ebert has been my coach, mentor and business guru for several years now. She provides support and direction as I endeavor to expand  my business presence in the Health and Wellness field. Carol's guidance has been key in my ability to grow my business. Her coaching skills are far and above others I've worked with and her spot on Powerful Questions continually bring me to find the answers buried within. I highly recommend Carol for Health & Wellness business coaching and for Health and Wellness presentations.  She is the full package.  Carol can take you to your next level in your health and wealth development. 


Lynn Bakken

After 8 years of dealing with severe Ulcerative Colitis, I completed Carol’s Digestive health Program which included top quality wellness products and wellness coaching. I had been on dangerous prescription drugs from my doctor, but after 6 months of doing well on Carol’s program,  my doctor agreed to reduce my meds.  I’m happy to say I have no side effects to reducing my meds and my doctor has agreed to another reduction and eventually no MEDS!! Carol’s digestive health program works and I’m living proof that a chronic illness doesn’t have to be a life of dangerous maintenance drugs.

James H

Testimonials: Testimonials

I give Carol credit for me taking the leap into entrepreneurship. She wrote an article in a nursing magazine, that I clipped out and still have 5-6 years later, on how nursing has given her the skills and experiences she needed to do just about any job she wanted. It spoke so clearly to me that I knew I HAD to connect with her and she helped me discover the world of coaching!


Natalie Lavelock Coaching and Consulting


I could not believe how much my life would change in just 30 minutes.  The power of a coaching session is something every person would benefit from.  

Jolynn Van Asten, Owner, Healthy Body and Soul, Inc., Wellness Center-Spa, Appleton, WI

Coaching is a tool that encourages me to know what I truly desire and provides the means to get there.
You mean I really could do that? With coaching, anything becomes possible for me.

For me coaching is realizing, “Hey, I can do that!”. It gives me the means to reach my desired goal.

Coaching is giving myself what I truly need to achieve my dreams!
Coaching enables me to realize the things I really want in my life because I finally have the tools to get there!

Coaching is a gift I give myself to get where I want to go!  

Marilyn Franzini, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Psychologist

Carol helped me stay focused on my goals.  I usually will make a plan and then quit.  I didn’t want to quit because I knew Carol would be calling the next week.  Eating right and working out are becoming my lifestyle instead of a trend. 

Mary M

Most helpful was the continuity with someone who was there to listen, help set goals, and to help with my progress.  Carol’s easy going but structured goal setting combined with her knowledge of general health and weight management issues was also a great help.

Robert J

Carol, gave me positive suggestions that helped me overcome my mental blocks in getting started with exercising.  She asked me questions that helped me really get around all my excuses and reasons for not doing what I need to do.  She pushed me to set goals and aim to complete the goals.  There were times I did not meet them the first time but she helped by listening and suggesting new paths to take.  I love how it worked and now I am not afraid  to begin and complete what I need to. 

John H

Here’s what students of Carol’s Guiding Mindful Change coaching certification courses say:

As a physician, I am used to being the expert and telling people what I think, but learning about Guiding Mindful Change life coaching has allowed me to become a much more mindful listener. My clients have been better able to come up with their own answers and make fast progress toward goals as a result.  I love the quote “knowledge speaks, wisdom listens”.  My wisdom was greatly improved by this training.


Jodi Ritsch M.D., Mindful Life Coach,

Taking the Guiding Mindful Change coaching training with Carol Ebert has been a truly enlightening personal and professional experience.  The training allowed me to see the possibilities to move forward in my career and desire to care for the “mind” as well as body to complete mine-body-spirit wellness.  I have gained new confidence and perspective on the abundance and possibilities in each life and the tremendous joy of bringing this understanding to the lives of others through coaching. 

Carleen Sterner M.D., Mindful Life Coach,


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