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Your Ultimate Wellness Experience

The sound of gentle ocean waves and a lovely breeze slowly wake you up in your ocean view room followed by lovely morning chimes.

Your day has begun.


You slip into soft organic cotton clothes – pastel shirt, pants, hooded jacket, sandals to head down for a cup of hot lemon water with cayenne pepper to begin the detox process while you sit comfortably in a beautiful sunlit room overlooking the ocean while visiting with others.


After 15 minutes you are served a small cup of nutrient powered green juice and you are energized to start your day.

You take the beautiful walking path along the ocean to continue energizing yourself on the way to the conference center.


There you listen to the best nutrition lecture you’ve ever heard from a caring and compassionate physician about why your digestive system is critical to your health followed by a powerful morning meditation that resonates so deeply you are almost brought to tears.

You compose yourself and walk to the bright and cheerful dining area overlooking the ocean and partake in yummy nutola (granola without grains and with nuts only) with sliced apples and almond milk.


You remember to take 3 deep breaths to engage your parasympathetic nervous system to slow you down and relax before you start eating, and then you focus on chewing each bit of food at least 25 times. You notice how this process slows you down making the food much easier to swallow as it has had time to begin digesting in your mouth before it travels to your stomach.


You are now ready for the daily schedule of treatments, mind body medicine, fitness activities, spa therapies modeled after renowned spas of Europe, education, relaxation, nutrition drink breaks and beautifully prepared and extremely tasty meals of whole, organic, gluten-free, dairy free plant-based foods.

Take a look at a sample schedule and decide for yourself

if this could make a difference in your life.

9:00 Treatments  

10:45  Golden milk break (anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant)  

11:00  Massage  

12:00  Lunch of fresh greens with raw veggies, sprouts, avocado  

1:00  Laughter yoga  

1:45  Wheat grass drink (detox, improves digestion, blood sugar)  

2:00  Treatments  

3:00  Reflexology  

4:00  Coconut water (more nutritious than whole milk)  

4:15  Rebounding in fitness room  

5:00  Food prep class  

6:00 Dinner of fresh greens, raw veggies, nut stuffed peppers  

7:00 Energy medicine lecture  

8:00 Evening meditation


9:00     Warm salt water pools, then sauna, & cold water plunges

10:00   Back to room to sleep to sound of gentle ocean waves.

What do you think of this routine?

Would your attitude be better?

Would you feel less stressed?

Would you heal faster?

I witnessed this type of mind-body-spirit healthcare while receiving advanced training as a Nutrition Advisor at Sanoviv Functional Hospital and Holistic Healing Center in Rosarito Mexico.


Their healing foundation is based on nutrition, detoxification and relaxation while integrating advanced medical practices. (several not available in the U.S.) As an observer, I was able to experience it all alongside the patients being treated there and that communal effort was just another tool to aid in the healing process.

This was a health-giving trip of a lifetime for me (and my business associates)

and it could be for you too!

Let's talk more about how you can create an

Extreme Wellness Experience like this for you too!

Complete the form below and we'll connect.

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