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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
Empower Your Journey to Wellness
with Personalized Coaching

Now you might be saying to yourself – I want to believe that BUT – – –

I’m showing signs of wear and tear on my body and mind after years of managing my business and

these thoughts are creeping in. Will I be able to sustain this stressful and over-extended pace without losing my health and perhaps losing my business? I don’t want my career to end abruptly and be incapacitated.

Well guess what – it doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you ready to shake off old beliefs and paint a healthier picture of what your life could be starting now?

Would you like to feel:

✔ More empowered

✔ More alive and rejuvenated

✔ Excited for the future

✔ Energized about what lies ahead

✔ Ready with a plan in hand


Coaching can work miracles for you!

Why do I know all this? Because I know how wellness coaching works because it worked for me.


 Check out my full story here.

Meet Carol
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What is Your Dream For Your Life?

Unlock the Benefits of This Program:
Discover What's in Store for You!


Create Your Personalized Journey

12 sessions with me to create your personalized journey



Individualized practices for self-exploration


Growth & Development

A tailored plan for sustainable growth and development



Support from a highly trained and experienced coach



Be held accountable and learn to hold yourself accountable


Health & Wellness Rx

A personal prescription for health and wellness



Guidance on how to coach yourself toward living your best and healthiest life EVER

Transform Your Life in Just 12 Weeks
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Weeks 1 - 4 - How to create a safe space for exploration by building a trusting, confidential relationship with your coach - Your level of satisfaction with your current lifestyle as a motivator for change - Where you are now and where you want to be - How committed you are to taking action toward making the changes necessary for a better life - What your true passion and gifts are and how to bring them front and center - How to create a working SUCCESS PLAN perfectly tailored to you - What success tools work best for you

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Weeks 5 - 8 - Which successful self-care strategies motivate you the most and how to integrate them into your daily life - Weekly practices that lead to changed attitudes - What values affect your personal decisions the most and how to honor them - How false beliefs may be standing in your way of progress and how to manage them - How to undo self-talk that holds you back


Weeks 9 - 12 In the last 4 sessions we’ll put it all together into a sustainable plan by challenging you to: - Make better decisions based on what you want - Learn how to coach yourself for the long run - Stay motivated with the on-going process - Use your intuition as a guide - Discover creative ways to manage roadblocks that pop up and sabotage you - Create personal celebrations for achieving progress and reaching milestones - Know the signs that you might need a coaching tune-up from your coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have time for this?

Coaching takes very little time and fits into the nooks and crannies of your day. Phone calls are scheduled for 30 minutes every week or every other week with about 30-60 minutes on your own to work thru any simple practices that are assigned.  The initial call will take about 90 minutes as we get acquainted and start building the foundation for a successful coaching program for you.

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Is it selfish of me to

have a coach?

No. Many people have coaches for many reasons.  If your desire is to live a fulfilled life by being who you truly are, reaching your full potential and sharing your gifts with the world, then coaching can help with that.  Ask yourself how you are doing with this without any help?

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Why should I spend money on coaching?

You can spend a lot of time and money getting lost in books, online and in person trainings and still not make the changes you want for a better life. It is my experience that coaching holds your feet to the fire and gets you moving in the direction that creates the most success for you.  Ask yourself – Do you want a better life? What are you willing to do to make that happen?  And here is the big question – Do you value yourself enough to spend the money it takes to take care of yourself?

Discover what others have shared...
So... are YOU
ready for some coaching?
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Ready to take the plunge?

Complete the Contact Form and I will schedule an appointment with you to answer all your questions and see if we are a good fit for each other!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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