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Your Ageless Road Map: Secrets for Living Longer and Healthier

Has anyone given you a road map on how to prepare for aging? Or does it just sneak up on you, slap you in the face and say – here I am – now just deal with it! Since it is going to happen to all of us, why not start integrating some strategies that will help you make the transition easier and teach you new ways of living so you can keep living it up!

Change your perception of YOU

If you think you are old, you will be old before your time.

Don’t act your age.

Stop feeling guilty when you are drawn in the clothing section of a store when teens hang out. Their clothes are more exciting and fun than the ones you “think” you should wear.

If dressing youthful makes you feel youthful, then your mind thinks you are younger too.

Watch what you say

Red flag language is:

I’m having a senior moment

I’m too old for that

I can’t remember anything

Replace your negative language about aging with positive words about how cool it is to be older and wiser.

Look for positive role models

My current favorites are Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin - both in their 80’s and still rocking!

And what about RBG and Nancy Pelosi.

There are more and more public figures who are showing us that older is even better.

Activate personal healing practices

Ask your body what it needs to flourish

Reduce stress by establishing a habit of rest and restoration

Create balance between activity and rest

Embrace a daily nap

Exercise daily but protect your body from over-doing it.

Nourish your body with food it desires

Relax with yoga, mindful practices, music, breathing, warm baths

Grieve and release

Be aware of past hurts, grudges, resentments that drag you down

Create a ritual for release like writing it all down and then burning the paper

Practice shifting your thoughts to something pleasant when old negative thoughts pop into your head

Shout out loud – “get out of my head, I am done with you!”

Forgive old resentments by praying for them briefly every day for 10 days and then feel the release

Nurture relationships

Nurture yourself first – how would you treat yourself if you were the love of your life?

Protect your priceless energy by saying NO to toxic relationships, even family members

Have fun with your friends

Have fun with your partner

Protect your space by setting healthy boundaries

Say NO to rescuing others who need to rescue themselves

Eat with Pleasure

Treat your meal like an event

Arrange to eat with people you enjoy who are not in a hurry

Get excited about knowing that your body craves vegetables more than anything!

Start with a ritual of appreciation for this wonderful nourishment for your body

Look, listen and savor the food

Slow the pace of chewing to slow the pace of the meal

Pay attention to how your body feels

Stop eating when you feel full

Thank the food for nourishing your body

Move with Joy

Select movements that give you pleasure, stretch your muscles, get your energy flowing and make you feel alive

If you like to dance but not go to dance classes or clubs, choose Jazzercise

If you walk, change the pace and location

If you want freedom of movement try NIA

If you like being home put on music and make cleaning, dusting, gardening into dance moves

If you sit all day set a timer every hour and get up to do stretches, hip swivels, yoga, tai chi

Practice balancing on one foot at a time when on the phone, cooking dinner, watching TV

Be Beautiful

Look in the mirror every day and say “Hello gorgeous – you look awesome”.

Do a morning beauty ritual for your face and enjoy the process, feel, fragrance and transformation

Treat yourself to a professional beauty treatment in a salon and savor the process and feeling

Wear only clothes that make you feel great even if they are “way out”

Make an entrance into a room with head held high as if you are a movie star on the red carpet

Connect with your spirituality

Journal daily in peace and quiet and see what is revealed

Remember to be who you really are and not what others think you should be

Ground yourself by connecting with nature regularly

Practice mindful meditation and see what comes up

Connect with a spiritual community

Create meaningful daily affirmations

Personalize your environment

Rearrange your living space to reflect good feelings and rejuvenation

Purge and declutter one drawer at a time

Create a small meditation alter or zone

Locate a perfect place outdoors to replenish yourself

Schedule daily time to be with yourself

Affirm your true ageless self

I will bring more pleasure into my life

I will leave worry and fear behind

I will be more joyful

I will honor my spirituality

I will live in the moment in alignment with nature

I will have faith that what is meant for me will always come

I will surround myself with supportive people

Resource: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-Being by Christiane Northrup, MD

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