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FREE Webinar to Heal Your Gut

Your Microbiome: The Missing Link in Achieving Optimal Health

The microbiome is the community of trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract and elsewhere throughout your body. Collectively weighing about three pounds – the same weight as our brain.

When your microbiome is balanced, you have good digestion, clear thinking, balanced mood, and glowing overall health. When your microbiome goes out of balance, however, you risk such symptoms as brain fog, depression, anxiety, bad skin, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 6:00Pm – 7:30pm (Pacific) 7:00pm – 8:30pm (Mountain) 8:00pm – 9:30pm (Central) 9:00pm – 9:30pm (Eastern)

Join this Webinar and find out:

1. What the microbiome is, why it is your greatest wellness ally and why it is changing conventional medicine 2. What Functional Medicine is and how it is different than conventional medicine 3. 7 Ways to Build a Healthy Microbiome that can change your health dramatically

 Want to attend?  Click below to ask for the link to this FREE Webinar with Dr. Karen Wolfe, Wellness Physician

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