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Got the winter blahs and need a lift?

You Can Get Healthier in 28 Days!

Spring is closing in and I’ll bet you have been wanting to shed off those winter blahs and refocus on feeling better, lighter and re-energized.  Right?  I have just the thing that will do that. Our 28-Day “BE HEALTHY” Challenge starts March 6 and we want you to join us.  I will be doing this too!

Here’s what you will receive when you participate in the program.

  1. Free access to our team of wellness experts who have years of experience running successful programs

  2. Access to a private closed Facebook group for support, sharing, answer questions, and build relationships

  3. Complimentary one-on-one session with me to personalize your program to fit your lifestyle challenges, goals, etc

  4. 28 days of high quality nutritionals to incorporate into your day (sugar-free smoothies with your choice of gluten-free, dairy-free or soy-free; low glycemic nutritious protein snack bars, vitamins customized to your needs, digestive health support as needed)

  5. Shopping lists, recipes, menus, time-saving tips for low-glycemic meals to support optimal health

  6. Daily support from videos, relaxation and sleep strategies, affirmations, movement activities, and more

  7. Weekly group calls with Aura Martinez, Holistic Health Practitioner, Barbara Badolati, Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Practitioner, Heather Lee, Stress Specialist and me for education and support

Excited to join us?  Here are 2 steps to complete right now:

  1. Register by February 22 so we have time to order your supplies.

  2. Schedule a call with me to answer your questions, discuss what goals you want to achieve, map out the perfect plan customized to your needs, and order your products.

Be WELL on your journey.


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