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Please Help Me I’m FALL-ing and Need Help with SUGAR

It’s that time of year when we get back to a more normal schedule than we had in summer, and start thinking about how to regain control over our eating habits – once more. It is a never ending process isn’t it? The biggie for me is tackling all the sugar and junk food I have consumed because I was too busy to take the time to eat healthy.

Well now I am paying the price with headaches, waking up exhausted instead of refreshed, and the cravings are back in force. Did you know that SUGAR IS 8 TIMES MORE ADDICTING THAN COCAINE? No wonder it is so hard to get off the stuff! So it is time to get back in the groove and help is on the way.

I love the Sugar Buster Program because it provides a transition program so I don’t suffer the pains from withdrawal from sugar, but ease through it gently while enjoying convenient and portable food on the go. Tasty yet healthy smoothies with 0 sugar, snack bars that fill me up and taste great, and I even get to eat real food for one meal and snack per day. And I can customize the type of protein powder I use in my shake (whey, plant or soy) and it’s all low-glycemic and gluten free. What’s not to like about that!

And you also get bonuses with the Sugar Buster Program:

  1. 3 FREE coaching and educational calls during the 7 days with Dr. Karen Wolfe, Wellness Physician

  2. 25 follow-up emails for support

  3. Access to me for 30 days for additional support

So I’m starting this 7-day journey on September 12 and would love to have you join me. But first I would like to have a quick call with you to find out why you want to do this program and what your ultimate goal is.

Please call 507-313-4515

Deadline is September 1 for the call and to order products if you want to follow the program so you have time to get your products before it starts.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Be well as you embark on your Sugar-Reduction journey.


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