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20 Re-boots for the New Year

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

It’s that time of year to re-evaluate your life. Yes, most of us have declared New Year Resolutions, but often they fail. Right? Let’s go below the surface of what is going on for you so you can uncover what you really want and need this year and come up with a meaningful new direction. Not all these tools work for everyone, but they all have worked for me. Try a few and see what happens. You might be surprised. Let the journey begin.

1. Re-view your situation

Awareness is an important first step in the change process. Do a quick personal assessment of your situation, be honest with yourself and be open to what you discover. Ask yourself:

What are you willing to change about yourself?

2. Re-spond to body signals

Sometimes we need a wake-up call before we are willing to change. It often manifests itself as pain resulting from stress. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back aches, indigestion, insomnia, etc.

What signs are you experiencing that might indicate stress overload and imbalance?

3. Re-spect your inner voice

Our internal voice – the voice of our truth - may be giving us messages and needs to be heard. Access this important information by taking time to slow down, quiet your mind, get comfortable with stillness, and find a way to meditate that is right for you. Turn off the world’s input for awhile and just “ be”.

How can you practice quieting your mind?

4. Re-solve to move forward

Being in your comfort zone is just that - comfortable. But it may not be the best place for you. If your goal is to have a more joyful existence, then take some risks. Get uncomfortable for a while. Practicing new behaviors feels awkward at first, but through repetition it gets easier to do.

What action step will you take to move forward?

5. Re-kindle your passion

Operating from your true passion means getting lost in the energy it provides. You find yourself enjoying what you are doing so much that time doesn’t matter and you feel alive, productive and energized. It’s no longer work - it’s fun.

Are you willing to challenge the status quo to begin living your passion?

6. Re-move obstacles

What is standing in the way of realizing your dreams? Think about whether it’s a true obstacle or a false belief about yourself. Break it down into small components so you can chip away, a bit at a time. You can’t move a large boulder, but you can chisel off small rocks, until you have the strength to push it aside.

Write down one roadblock standing in the way of your progress:

7. Re-place old behaviors

Hanging on to old behaviors that once were useful but now are not may prevent you from moving forward. Example - not speaking up when you have the opportunity because you think what you have to say is not important, not eloquent, not good enough. A wise woman said to me “If not now, when are you finally going to express who you really are? What are you waiting for?“

What are you willing to do to change an old or outdated behavior?

8. Re-frain from negativity

At any given time you have two choices – to be negative or to be positive. Think about it this way. Do you choose to laugh, have fun, see the bright side of everything - or not. A positive “can do” attitude is a frame of mind that will serve you well as you journey through the reinventing process.

Describe a negative situation and reframe it using a positive approach.

9. Re-spond differently

Change can be difficult, because it is often about the unknown. Without change, nothing new, interesting, better and more fulfilling occurs.

Are you willing to let go of a predictable future and see where it leads you?

10. Re-frame your thinking

If you want a picture to look different, change the frame. Ever notice when you change the color of a frame, different parts of the picture stand out more vibrantly than before? Suddenly, the picture looks different and has new life.

Are you willing to reframe your vision to find out what new looks and directions emerge?

11. Re-state your assets

How often do you focus on your talents, skills, abilities, deeds, successes? Or do you tell yourself “I did this wrong - I made a mistake - I forgot to do this - I should have known better.” Getting caught up in this self-talk reduces positive energy and your ability to move forward.

Make a list of all the good things about you.

12. Re-late your true vision

Living your true vision will bring you joy and fulfillment. Even if you are not living it fully at present, speak about it. Put the message out into the universe and you will have made a commitment to realize that dream.

What are you telling others about your dream?

13. Re-assess your career

Compare how many hours you work with how many hours you spend with family and friends. If work is unfulfilling, how does it affect your attitude? A bad attitude is hard to turn off and can spill over into other important areas of your life. Ask yourself:

How does my work tie to my vision for a joyful life?

14. Re-store your energy

Most people are exhausted most of the time - a perfect excuse for not being active. The less active you are the more tired you get. Moving forward on a new path takes energy. Adding exercise to your day will give you that energy boost by reducing stress, providing a feeling of well-being, helping you sleep better and even help burn off excess calories and fat.

How can you start the process of being active every day?

15. Re-fuel your body

It takes stamina to do the work you need to do to reach your goals. Keeping your body nourished provides even more energy as you grow in other healthy ways. Good food, in the right amounts at the right times, and drinking lots of water for brain power and to lubricate your body system are some refueling tips.

Keep a food diary for one week and make adjustments as needed.

16. Re-new your spirit

Just like your physical body, your spirit needs tending as well. Re-train your brain to focus on what brings you joy rather than what is not fulfilling your needs.

Search for ways to bring fun and laughter into your day.

17. Re-claim relationships

Reinventing yourself is a lot less scary when you gather support and listen to the wisdom of others who have done this work before you. Reconnect with others. Ask for help. Pick their brains. The hardest part is doing the asking.

Contact people you know who have reinvented themselves and listen to their story.

18. Re-ward yourself

Instead of relying on others to reward you, consider what you can do for yourself to celebrate progress. You are responsible for your own joy.

What are ways you can reward yourself that are healthy pleasures for you.

19. Re-group regularly

The present moment is all we have and where we can focus our energy to do the most good. Practice “present moment thinking” on a regular basis. It will lighten your load and reduce your stress making the daily foot work toward your goals easier.

What is one thing you can do to bring your mind back to the present moment?

20. Re-tain your true self

You are at your best when you are being yourself. You are unique and no one is like you. You are a wonderful gift to this world. When you are being real and honest with yourself, everything will be clear and you will know what you are supposed to do with your life.

How would life be if you were being your true self?

Enjoy the process of re-booting for the New Year. Please share your insights or what strategies you have been using that work!

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