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Blue No More

HELLO to those of you in the northern climate! Winter Blues have taken hold – you know what I mean – CABIN FEVER!  


Not getting outside enough to move around – being tied down whenever a storm hits and you have to cancel plans – cat fights in the house because they have cabin fever too


– and then of course there is “depression”.  


So what to do to boost your spirits in these waning days of winter?

Here are some tips that will help you feel better!

  1. Turn OFF negative chatter on the news – it feeds into your “down feeling”.

  2. Turn ON great music and read, relax, dance – whatever the music moves you to do.

  3. Register for an online course or webinar that is educational, uplifting and inspiring.

  4. Start spring cleaning one drawer at a time.

  5. Call friends to catch up – one a day is a good dose.

  6. Create home cooked meals, sit around a table together and have great conversation.

  7. Start dreaming and planning your next getaway.

  8. Gather unwanted things – take to Goodwill and ponder how someone else will love having what you don’t need anymore.

  9. Do a favor for someone without telling them and imagine how good it makes them feel.

  10. When all else fails, write down 25 things you are grateful for. This works every time!

Be well during these last days of winter!


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