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Creating health in small packages

Welcome back from cruising your kitchen for carbs and sugar and packages of processed foods.  I did discover that my refrigerator is pretty well stocked with great fruits and vegetables, but the pantry is loaded with boxes of pasta.  Every time I try to discard them by donating to our local food pantry, my carb-addicted husband keeps restocking the shelves thinking I have run out.  Obviously I’m not communicating the message very well to him and need to have that conversation again.

How are you doing with this issue?  Clearly if we are going to be successful with our goals we need support from those we live with.

When will you have that conversation to line up your support system?

Speaking of food, there is another smaller – but just as important issue that we need to manage.

It’s SNACKS!  We snack all the time and that adds up too.  So how will you manage your snack attacks so they compliment and don’t conflict.

One of the best ways to stay on track is to create weekly meal plans that account for cravings between meals. Put tasty, convenient pairings—like apples or celery with peanut butter—and healthy snacks such as cherry tomatoes, olives, and pickles on your shopping list to complement your healthy meals.  These small but healthy snack packages will come in very handy when hunger hits.

What are your favorite on-the-go snacks?

Want more information on the Sugar Buster starting April 24?  Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and let’s talk.

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