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Cultivating a VACATION State of Mind in Retirement

Let’s face it! When you go from a jam-packed, high speed, stress-filled lifestyle of our typical crazy work-world and transition into the la-la land of retirement, there will be a period of adjustment which can be very unsettling. I can attest to that as I have lived thru this myself. Here’s how it went for me.

Plan A – from high speed to high speed

I retired from my job and immediately started working several part-time jobs to make up income I had lost so I never made the transition

Plan B – from high speed to no speed

Without a full-time job to keep me occupied, the shock of no work to do and a dramatic drop in income was very stressful, unsettling, a blow to my ego and really stopped me in my tracks. I developed low self-esteem and was lost without purpose.

Plan C – from high speed to medium speed to low speed to balance.

Because of all the trial and error of how I entered retirement (which is how I usually proceed with life’s experiences) I finally settled in to a true transition, re-created a productive rhythm for my life between work and leisure, and found this way to be much more effective and healthy.

I equate this with the phases you go thru when you take a vacation, which I have just come back from.  A mini version of the transition you will go thru when you retire, so it can be a great practice ground for your life ahead. It might go like this:

Day 1 – still at high speed getting to your destination and overly exhausted when you get there.

Day 2 – waking early, still in high gear, packing in as much fun as you can and again having an exhausting day.

Day 3 – sleeping in and getting off to a slower start with only a few things to accomplish, stopping when tired and taking a nap.

Day 4 – sleeping even later, one activity scheduled but may not happen because of weather, not going anywhere since just hanging out seems like a great idea, looking forward to your afternoon nap.

Day 5 – sleeping late, eating breakfast around noon, don’t care what your appearance looks like, too much trouble to shower today, maybe walk in the woods to collect sticks to start a fire, then nap-time again.

Day 6 – spending the day quietly thinking, reading, or writing. Never getting out of your pajamas. Taking several naps. Calm, cool, collected and rested.

And now the VACATION state of mind finally settles in.

Here are the benefits!

V – valuing quiet time for reflection

A – awareness of self and surroundings

C – creative thinking

A – attending to self-care

T – time out for relaxation

I – in control of my life

O – owning my own time


So how will you start practicing your transition into retirement?

But first, I need to hear your thoughts about your own retirement. Would you be willing to help me out by answering these 2 questions and email them back to me at

1.What 3 issues about retirement concern you the most?

2.What barriers stand in your way of having the retirement of your dreams?

After I collect all your fabulous insights I will be hosting a FREE Q & A conference call on September 25 to share all the answers that will jumpstart you toward what’s next in your fabulous life.

FREE Gift for YOU

As a thank-you gift, I’d like to offer you my FREE e-book “Reinvent Yourself” to get you started on your path to a great retirement

PLUS my FREE weekly blogs to inspire you along the path.  Once I get your questions back I will send you the link to access both of these valuable resources.

So let’s partner up on this new journey of life in retirement by sending me your questions to

Deadline is September 22

Be well on your journey!


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