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Does your kitchen support your health?

What does your kitchen tell you about your health?  Lets explore the story that it is telling you.

But first, how did you do yesterday writing your SMART goal?  Do you feel more empowered? I actually feel very good about just writing it down.  So often I keep my goals in my head swirling around and never actually get to doing something about it.  So congratulations on doing the first and most important step toward ultimate success.

Now it’s time to assess where those temptations are that drive you into the sugar bowl.

First things first—it’s time to dump the unhealthy stuff and stock up on healthy foods. Toss out those prepackaged cookies, crackers, and anything else that has high sugar and/or high sodium content. I’m not in favor of throwing food away, so maybe share these items with your local food pantry.  I realize that is passing unhealthy food on to others, so you will have to wrestle with this ethical dilemma yourself.

Next, stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.

Below is a helpful shopping list from my colleague Dr. Karen Wolfe to guide you into locating healthy choices when you are shopping.  Be sure to shop the perimeter of the store and stay away from the inner isles which are all processed foods. And ignore that Easter candy isle!

Want more information on the Sugar Buster Program starting April 24?  Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and let’s talk.

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