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Getting Older is Looking Better and Better

My head is still spinning after viewing Dr. Christiane Northrup’s latest PBS Special Glorious Women Never Age.  Inspiring, energizing, educational and entertaining. She is the role model we all need as we continue on this path of aging – oops – drop that word and replace with living agelessly!  That’s what she is all about and that’s what I am all about too. How about you?

Here are a few nuggets from this powerful show – and now a DVD if you were able to pledge to support PBS.

Reframe the Term Aging

Words affect our biology so we need to use “feel good” words instead of all that negative talk like aging leads to deterioration and decline, which is how many of our institutions frame the aging process.

Address and Change Cultural Programming

Your beliefs about aging are more influential on how well you age then what the culture dictates to you. So tune in to those cultural messages but don’t adopt them.  Reject them and continue with your own “healthy” path.

Stop Participating in Ageism

Don’t fall prey to saying  “I’m having a senior moment” when you forget something.  Remember it is probably due to information overload rather than pathology.   And stop saying  “I’m too old to do that or wear that”.  Says who!  I’ll bet you can come up with ageisms on your own.  Remember, growing older is an opportunity to increase your value and competence.

Enjoy a Sweet Life by Keeping Your Blood Sugar Stable

We consume far too much sugar and it is leading us down the path to inflammation, obesity, Diabetes, sugar addiction, depression, stress, I could go on and on. This is a critical issue we must deal with if we are to be ageless beings. Start adopting a low-glycemic lifestyle and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Don’t Take Life Sitting Down

Get moving and stay moving to allow gravity to exert it’s “pull” on you and keep muscles and bones from deteriorating.  Astronauts living in a weightless environment without gravitational pull return to earth deconditioned.  So get up every hour off your chair where you are experiencing weightlessness and move, jump, run around for 10 minutes!

Develop Centenarian Consciousness

People over 100 have these characteristics in common.  Rebellious, defiant, future oriented, have a positive outlook, use rituals of pleasure, aren’t obsessed with age, don’t like to be around old people.  Some great ideas here to consider for your plan on living agelessly.

Establish a Sub-Culture of Anti-Aging

We all need good support to thrive so create a variety of “tribes” to belong to.  Hang around healthy positive people and remember – Community = Immunity.  You all will benefit from each other by creating something special that is not old or young but something else.

Hope these tips peak your interest and to go deeper, I highly recommend Dr. Northrup’s book Goddesses Never Age – The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-Being. 


 Want some support around becoming Ageless?

 Email me at and we will connect!

Think AGELESS on your Wellness Journey.


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