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Getting out in front of the holiday season before you fall behind

Yes – those crazy busy holiday-prep days are upon us so it is time to “get out in front of it”. (I love this phrase from the work of Abraham  Picture this – instead of stepping into a mess, walk around it and get out front of it where there is a clearer focus and less stress.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  So let’s explore some great ideas for getting out in front of the holiday instead of the holiday bogging us down.

Here are a few of my favorite things

1.  Determine the primary health goal that you want to keep alive and well during the holidays

Write it in BIG LETTERS on BIG PAPER so you can  see it every day and it will keep you on track.  Don’t give up on yourself and all that great work you’ve been doing to stay healthy by caving in to over-indulgance!

 2.  Stay nourished while you are on the go so you will avoid fast food temptations

I love a “Smoothie to Go” that is packed with nutrition like my *Nutrimeal meal replacement shakes.  And the individual packets + shaker bottle + 1 bottle of water couldn’t be easier.  They make great stocking stuffers too!

3.  Have a snack before you go to a party to avoid overindulging

I love my NEW *Whole Food Snack Bars  that satisfy my sweet tooth and stop hunger for 2-3 hours. Instead of going to a party “starving” and unable to control what I eat next, I feel nourished and satisfied and can make better choices about what I decide to eat there. And they make great stocking stuffers too!

4.  Stay energized without relying on coffee or crash-and-burn energy drinks

Fitting in all these holiday events, parties and shopping is exhausting!  Wouldn’t you just love a beverage that gives you extra energy without being unhealthy? Well it has been invented and it’s called  *REV3.  I use it all the time on those tiring road trips because it gives me sustained energy and tastes great too.  Serve it at your next party as an alternative to alcohol and see how pretty it looks in a wine glass!

5.  Prepare festive meals and snacks  using low-glycemic recipes that don’t cause carb cravings

I love these cookbooks for ideas on how to create delicious looking and tasting foods and desserts that are actually good for you.  These would be great holiday gifts too!

Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes

Dr. Libby’s Real Food Chef –

 6.  Stay active with your exercise program

Wear a pedometer to keep track of the ultimate goal of 10,000 steps/day. Another great gift idea.

Build physical activity into your holiday plans (ex: take a walk after a holiday meal)

7.  Take time to rest with naps and 7-8 hrs sleep/night

Take * Pure Rest Melatonin (your sleep hormone)  nightly to assure a restful sleep and say

NO to extra activities that are wearing you out.  Yes – you can say NO as a gift to yourself!

8.   Save time by shopping on-line

My online shopping resource  is USANA Health Sciences because I want products that are healthy and can be trusted.  Most of my favorite things can be found at *

9.  Create your health goals for the new year right now instead of waiting until January 1.

Take a few minutes right now to complete a FREE Health Assessment with a followup call with ME to help you set your health goals for the New Year and put a plan into action.  Click here to get started.

10.  Commit one of your goals to losing that extra weight after the holidays

Sign up for our January RESET Group to receive education, group support and coaching all done by phone from the convenience of your home.  Email me at  for the details and how you can WIN BIG by joining our group. Make this the biggest gift of all – to your own health!

So there you go – a few of my favorite things to help you cruise thru the holidays unscathed and ready to rock into a  New “Healthy” Year.

Be well on your journey!


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