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My Water Bed is Leaking and There’s No Turning Back

What do you do when you know an era is ending in your life and you are not prepared?  This recently happened for me when I found my water bed (yes I still have one after 37 years!) sprang a leak and we were forced to search for another one to replace it.  But first we had to empty all that water using a pump, hose and an open window to send all the water out into the yard.  It became our funeral process.

waterbed with Bill

So off we went on a bed-shopping spree to investigate what was out there.  Much to my dismay, we couldn’t find another waterbed anywhere to buy complete.  Yes they could still order the bladder (that’s the big bag of water, much like the one you carry around inside of you – hence the name bladder) but they would have to build a frame and that would be costly.

As we shopped all I could think of was nothing we tried felt as good as my favorite waterbed surface that was so warm, comfortable and nurturing.  I was in total grief!  But there was no turning back so we forged ahead.  There are regular mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air beds, my head was swimming and the sticker shock meant taking out a loan for a mattress.  Imagine that!

Well we finally made a decision, signed the loan papers and had it delivered.

Bed - new

Yes it is beautiful, but now the period of adjustment has set in.

  1. I’m getting into a cold bed every night instead of a warm inviting surface

  2. The bed feels extremely hard

  3. The covers don’t stay tucked in and I’m pulling them up to my ears several times a night

  4. I wake up feeling stiff with a slight backache

  5. The cats love it tho!

So the saga will continue and I’ve been advised to give it a month or two before I decide if I can adjust.  If not, I have been assured I can trade it in for another model that might work better. Who knew the world of buying a mattress could be so complicated, but if I live another 37 years I want to be sleeping on a surface that is comfortable!

Now back to you.  When have you faced an unexpected change in your life that you weren’t prepared for and how did you work thru it?  I would love to hear your story.  Just click on my email here and tell me about it.

And if you are currently needing someone to guide you forward with a challenge you are facing (like preparing for retirement, leaving a job you have had for a long time, facing a health challenge, wanting to take your health to a higher level of wellness)  contact me for support.

Be well on your journey and keep your head above water!


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