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Now you can find out who started the “wellness craze”

As a long-time follower of the wellness movement, sometimes we forget that it didn’t exist.  In fact when I came on board while working in a medical center, doctors would challenge me all the time when I talked about wellness.  They would say “there is no such word”.  How far we have come since then!

Now you can find out how it all began. Here is a glimpse at what will soon be unveiled at the 40th annual National Wellness Conference June 15-18 in Minneapolis.

NWC 2015 logo

On Monday evening June 15 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, a Celebrate Wellness program will officially open the 40th National Wellness Conference.  Seven of the founders of today’s wellness movement will present their history and current assessments of the movement. Followed by a concert and fine dining in a festive atmosphere, all conducive to the community-building for which this annual conference is renowned.

The moderator of this Legacy session will be Meg Jordan, an author, professor and health journalist. Like the seven legacy speakers, Meg has participated in NWC gatherings since the early 1980’s. The other 6 veterans of the wellness movement will share their perspectives on the movement’s legacy and future.  John Travis, Bill Hettler, Elaine Sullivan, Jennie Trotter, Craig Washington and Anne Abbott. Don’t miss hearing this powerful panel.

Of course this is just one of the special programs being offered at the conference so if you are into wellness whether personally or professionally, you must not miss this annual event.  It will change your life!

I will also be presenting on a panel with other wellness business owners.

“Becoming a Wellness Entrepreneur: Challenges and Opportunties”

Wednesday June 17 , 9:45-11:45pm.  Hope to see you there!

Register here

Here is what my mentor Dr. Karen Wolfe, says about the conference.  We both have been long-time presenters and attendees and would not miss attending for the world.

Be well on your journey to the National Wellness Conference


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