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Overcoming the “Summertime Blues” with a Wellness Twist

We’re halfway through summer and I’ve had more hot dogs, cakes, s’mores, barbecues, party dinners then I handle.  It’s all good because I get to celebrate with friends and family,  but I’m feeling out of control with my eating. 

Wouldn’t this be a great time to reassess our healthy lifestyle choices and maybe consider tweaking a little bit? Here’s an idea for you. I do a brief wellness review twice a year to see how I’m doing about staying on a healthy path. I also use this as a tool for all my coaching clients as they embark on a new lifestyle path, so it might be very helpful for you right now as well.

Just click below and listen to my video and get a free download to go with it. Now you can do your own reassessment to start getting back on track and ready for fall. Have fun with this!

Click here for your FREE download!

Be well on your wellness journey


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