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Remarkable You!

Have you ever pondered the effect you and your presence and your efforts have had on the people, places and things you’ve touched?  I had an interesting experience after an exhausting afternoon of weeding  the garden (a very grounding experience).  I decided to actually stop working, take a break and lie down in a lounge chair outside in the yard.  Breaks are unusual for me as I am driven by work and it’s a challenge to slow down.

As I was resting and feeling a gentle breeze cooling me, I had a wave of peace pass over me and thought – Why don’t I do this more often?  It’s here and it’s free!  I was actually “being” and not “doing” and it felt great. (note to self – this is a great stress management tool.  Now I just need to do it more often!)

As I looked up at the canopy of trees overhead I thought about how big they were, the shade they provided, the rustle of the leaves from the gentle breeze blowing thru them, the filtered light from the sun that danced around the yard.

canopy of leaves

And then it hit me. We planted these trees 35 years ago and because we did this, we now have a glorious wooded yard that provides pleasure for us and others, and habitat for many woodsy birds and creatures.

Trees in yard

I was amazed at the sanctuary we had created and I would have missed this revelation if I hadn’t taken the time to process the evolution of what we’ve accomplished.

So what about you?

What are the consequences of what you have created over the years?  Personally and professionally.

I know there are a lot of healthier people today from my early efforts with wellness as a career choice.

So – Have you taken the time to process and reflect on your accomplishments?

And if you haven’t taken the time, why not?

Maybe now is the time.

Here’s a SIMPLE STRATEGY that you can do to help reveal the impact you have had on others.

The results will amaze and remind you of how important you have been to the world.

  1. Select an accomplishment from your past that you are proud of.

  2. List 10 consequences of that accomplishment over the years

  3. Take note of your feelings about the impact you have made.

Click below and share your story.  I would love to hear all about it!

Be well on your remarkable journey!


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