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Self-Sacrifice NO MORE!

I was inspired to write this after reading Dr. Christiane Northrup’s latest blog by the same name at because it rang true for me and many other nurses I know who are retiring.  So if it is YOU, I can see why you could get caught up in that web of putting others ahead of yourself.  After all, nurses have a tendency to be co-dependent (yes – admit it) and we thrive on “giving it all” to our patients, our colleagues, our families, our parents, and even to our “worthy” causes.  Consequently we’re spent and have nothing left for ourselves.  We can even get “high” on this behavior!

You’re at a Crossroad

 But now you are at a crossroads between your former life and your new life in retirement, where you have more time for yourself.  But if you don’t know what to do with that time, you might fall right back into that trap of giving it all away again, but this time as a volunteer and this time with no pay check for compensation!

Change your focus

 I’d like to challenge you to a new way of being in this next phase of your fabulous life.  An opportunity to re-program that “self-sacrifice” tendency into a new improved you focused on SELF-CARE.  Yes it might be awkward at first, but this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE – and the quality of your life may depend on it.

Start the Process

 Here are some simple steps to start transitioning into “putting yourself first”

  1. For your self – what is one thing you can do today and every day to pamper yourself?

  2. For your dreams – imagine having the perfect life and what is one step you can take toward it?

  3. For your fulfillment – what makes you feel spiritually alive and how can you make that happen more?

  4. For your health – how would you like your health to be and what resource can help you get started?

  5. For your wealth – what does financial prosperity look like for you and what do you need to do to make that happen?

  6. For your mind – what is one way you can “change your mind” from thinking of others to thinking of yourself?

Yikes you say – I don’t know where to begin!! And no you’re not going nuts and need a therapist. But a coach could help you sort this out for you. As a wellness coach this is the work I do and it made a difference for my life right after I retired and didn’t know what to do next.

Coaching can help!  Give it some thought and if you want to connect, just click here for more information.

This is your time, and it can be the time of your life!!

Be well on your journey.


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