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The suitcase that wouldn’t go home

As a 30+ year attendee of the National Wellness Conference I totally love going every year not only for professional updating but almost more importantly – PERSONAL REJUVENATION. And I find it hard to leave at the end of the experience each year.

So many great friends I’ve met and cultivated like Dr. Karen Wolfe, Dr. Carrie Phelps and singer songwriter Jana Stanfield.

Recapturing dorm living as a humbling experience at the University of Minnesota.

 Being in the presence of true wellness pioneers Dr. Fred Leafgren, Dr. Don Ardell and Dr. Bill Hettler who started the wellness movement that we know today.

Having fun and being reminded of the joy of laughter with Laughter Yoga expert Billie Frances.

Being inspired and entertained by talent show coordinator and powerful wellness presenter Sandy Queen signing to “What would you do if your were brave” by Jana Stanfield.

Ah the memories!  But I digress.  What about that suitcase thing?  I have discovered that over the years a curious thing happens when I finally leave the conference to go home.  This is the third time that I have driven away only to discover I have left a piece of me behind.  MY SUITCASE!

And it happened again this year. So what does that mean?

 *If I don’t write myself a note  I forget stuff.

*I got distracted when I drove out of the parking maze and forgot to go back to pick it up from the dorm.

*I was sad to leave and wanted to have a reason to go back.

It was actually a combination of all three.  But the real underlying reason I think is that I LOVE the conference and I LOVE all the friends I have made by attending all these years.  And YES it is hard to leave.  So my guess is I will do it again at some point as a reminder of how important and meaningful  the National Wellness Conference is for me.

Now what about you?  Ever had something like this happen to you?  Would love to hear your story.

Be well on your wellness journey.


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