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Too Busy for You?

Happy April Fool’s Day! What significance does this day hold for you?

For me, it is the day I quit my corporate job for good 16 years ago. I knew it was time to free myself from workplace constraints and strike out on my own, and it seemed appropriate that I would time it in conjunction with April Fools Day! (You can read into that what you want)

The good news is was the best move I could make at that time. My life was totally out of balance, I was suffering with stress-related ailments, I was getting worse by the day and something had to give. I was TOO BUSY to take the time out FOR ME and too stressed because I had lost myself in a work environment that was no longer rewarding and too toxic for me.

So what have I learned from this experience?

My top 5 results from being too busy:

  1. Can make you sick

  2. Is not a sign of your worth

  3. Identifies you as a “hard worker” so you get rewarded with more work to do

  4. Damages your mind, body and soul

  5. Sucks up all your free time so you don’t have time for self-care

Can you relate?? I do feel your pain as I have been there and done that. So I decided to put it all in writing and create a SELF COACHING GUIDE for you to work through for a healthier more balanced life. All my wellness secrets are in this book and they all personally tried and true. Watch for my book Too Busy for YOU? coming soon!

Be well on your wellness journey!


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