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Transitioning From Healthcare to Wellness – New Opportunities for Retiring Nurses

10,000 Baby Boomers retire daily – many with wellness needs – and 25% of the boomer nursing workforce is getting ready so it’s clear there is opportunity for wellness and retiring nurses to join forces.  Since rigors of hospital nursing take a health toll over time, the next logical step for nurses is to shift to less strenuous physical work and into more conducive activity  to maximize their talents for the long run.  Older nurses are either moving to more accommodating settings or leaving nursing altogether.

Wellness is NOW more important for nurses than ever before

“The pivotal change that needs to occur is a shift in the percentage of nurses working in acute care hospital settings to nurses promoting wellness within the community. “

The American Nurses Association states – “Registered nurses are fundamental to the critical shift needed in health services delivery, with the goal of transforming the current “sick care” system into a true “health care” system.”

New growth opportunity for  nurses personally and professionally

This situation creates opportunities for nurses preparing to retire to transition into wellness but there are challenges. Professionally –  indoctrination and years of training in the medical model  have created a disease approach to health tied to drugs and surgery controlled by medical practitioners –   not a wellness approach.

Personally – nurses are reknown for over-giving to help others and not helping themselves.  The outcome has often been unhealthy nurses, many overweight, stressed and burned out and in need of healthy lifestyle practices to become effective role-model s  for others seeking wellness.

Are you ready to meet the challenge?

Have I peeked your interest? I have information and tools for you to begin making that transition based on a wellness approach to your own health and by challenging some of your  current thinking from the medical model approach which may conflict with a wellness approach.

Be well on your journey!


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