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6 Surprising Wellness Benefits of a Summer Campfire

So I’m sitting around a campfire with friends and am marveling at what a fantastic experience this is and why I don’t do it more often.  Is it because I don’t take the time because I’m too busy with busy-ness? Is it because it is too much bother to schedule a gathering around the fire?  Or is it because the biting gnats are so intense this year that I just don’t want to face-off with them?  It is probably all of those things, and yet the experience is priceless.  When you


a campfire it fires-up your brain into some very interesting directions that could even be life-changing for you.  Here are some Campfire Benefits – even better than therapy!

F – Frees up your thinking.

When we arrived at the fire ring to join our friends, there was a frenzy of activity and jostling for our positions around the fire and frantically creating the perfect fire for cooking hot dogs and making s’mores.  Once we were all fed,  the fire was back to being “blazing” and the sun slid away to reveal the night sky and bright moon, the conversation lost its fevered pitch and settled down into stories, ideas, interesting things.  Lots of thinking and sharing whatever was on our minds.  I wonder if that would have happened without the darkness, moon, stars, and that blazing fire to stare at.

I – Invites conversation.

Having a focal point like a fire to look at seems to take away the distractions of wondering how your comments will be taken by the people around you, and seems to free-up the conversation.  There is less competition over who can top the next person, and more of an “allowing” of people to share whatever they want in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way.  It almost feels like your inner wisdom starts shining thru and is being allowed to speak.

R – Reflects past joyful experiences.

Most of us have camped out in the past, whether with family, scouts, church, or whatever your personal experience has been, so looking into the fire once more conjures up great memories that just flow out and we are compelled to share.  Even those not-so-pleasant experiences are seen in a different light after all these years and often take on a humorous twist.

E – Entertains for free.

We call this experience “Mountain TV” from the days we lived in Colorado and camped in the Rockies.  I often wonder why we plop down in front of TV and start searching for anything to watch and much of what we find is not worth watching.  And yet we continue to search in frustration until we finally stop at the best of the worst, and then continue to watch something we really aren’t interested in.  That is a sign you need to turn off the TV and redirect.  And in the summer, why not redirect right outside and fire-up the fire ring and enjoy the fiery view.  And it is FREE.

U – Uplifts your spirits and your vision.

Being with nature is always rejuvenating and uplifting.  We noticed last night as the night sky settled in and the crackling fire produced sparks that were lifted upward toward the sky, that our eyes followed those sparks constantly and our attention was lifted to the moon and stars above.  And we entered into the next campfire phase of looking up and pondering the stars and how miniscule we are in this grand universe.  So humbling and amazing at the same time.

P – Provides grounding and balance.

People often talk about something being a grounding experience.  Well this is one of the best.  Many of us who have attended personal development programs, or teach them as I do, start the sessions with a grounding activity.  Often just getting in touch with yourself by using a brief visualization of being grounded.  Well –  being outside in front of a campfire and experiencing all the benefits I’ve just outlined is the “perfect grounding” activity – and it might even be right in your own backyard.  After all, both of your feet will actually be ON THE GROUND!

So why not take the time to make this happen, and if you have to schedule it on the calendar, so be it.  But just do it!  Your body mind and spirit with thank you, and so will those you invite along for the experience.

Be well on your “campfire” journey.


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