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Pink is the New Black: Or how I nearly scared myself to death while trying to heal myself

I woke up early with severe stabbing pains in my gut, nausea, vomiting and an expectation that I had the 24 hour flu.  After 24 hours passed, I assumed I was out of the woods when the stomach pain and nausea returned without any relief from Alka Selzer and fizzy 7Up. (my typical home remedies for an upset stomach).

My husband then bought me some Pepto-Bismol (his family remedy) which I dutifully consumed every 1-2 hours over the next day.

Pepto Bismol

The following morning I started my day with hot lemon water and cayenne pepper which always prompts me to have a lovely bowel movement which I looked at (please excuse me if this is too much information for you but as a nurse, we do pay attention to these things as a diagnostic tool) and I was shocked!

My stool was BLACK! 

And you know what that means –  I must be bleeding internally!  Well I couldn’t let that slide, so I called my doctor’s nurse who said I needed to be seen immediately, so it was off the ER to be checked.  To be honest with you,  I am nurse wellness, rarely get sick, never have been a patient and have never used the ER for my issues.  So this was new for me!

Carol in ER

During the workup both nurse and doctor asked if I had taken Pepto-Bismol and I said yes.  Well it turns out as a side effect that pink liquid can turn your stools BLACK.  News to me!  (Guess there is a good reason to read labels)  But this was very good news after all.  So after all the labs were run and came back great (I was even healthier than the doctor and nurse) they sent me home with Prilosec for 10 days to heal my gut.  And so you see, PINK is the new BLACK.

Now for the rest of the story.

Here’s what the medical system did for me – lab tests and drugs.

Here’s what they didn’t do for me – told me how to prevent this from happening again.

If I had been on their team as a Wellness Specialist, this is what my prescription would have been:


  1. What have you been eating lately?

  2. How is your stress level?

  3. How regularly have you been exercising?

  4. How much rest are you getting?

Recommendations to heal your gut:

  1. Eat low glycemic to reduce inflammation

  2. Increase fiber in your diet

  3. Take a digestive enzyme before meals

  4. Take a probiotic, pharmaceutical multivitamins, fish oil and liver support daily

  5. Drink a gut-soothing plant-based, dairy-soy-gluten-sugar FREE shake for breakfast

  6. Exercise and meditate daily

  7. Sleep 7-8 hours nightly

Which system do you think will be most effective in keeping me healthy and preventing me from entering the “extremely expensive” healthcare system in the future?

So what about you? Have you had a similar experience?  Are you interested in finding out how you can heal your gut without doctors and drugs?

Call me for a FREE 30 minute consult and I will personalize a plan for you that works!


Heal your gut and heal your life!

Be well on your wellness journey.


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