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Sweet Transformation

Just when I felt a slump in my wellness business I took a risk and attended a SWEET event that got me recharged, renewed and ready to take it to new heights.  When powerful Entrepreneurial Women come together for education and inspiration – transformation occurs.  And it did!

Sweet Retreat Team Northrup

Arriving late on a delayed flight to Phoenix to a villa of 6 other Team Northrup sisters who eagerly welcomed me with hugs immediately began the transformation process.  I was home with my tribe!  Making new friends and deepening relationship with old friends. As they say in the old Girl Scout song – “make new friends but keep the old”.  Here I am with friend and business associate Lynn Bakken sharing lunch in the sunshine.

Sweet Retreat Lynn Carol

Then two full-to-the-brim days of powerful women leaders sharing their heartfelt journeys of creating the life of their dreams – often from nothing – achieving unimagined heights – left me moved to tears then lifted and inspired by their success.  Dr. Christiane Northrup’s family belief is there are no limits and their family has proved it!  Here is daughter Kate Northrup Watts, sister Penny Kirk and Dr. Northrup sharing a funny story.

SWEETRETREAT-Chris, Penny, Kate

Fun was in order at a Spa Facial Party in our jammies to cleanse away all the toxins and reveal a fresh new face.  From Zombie to vava  voom!

Sweet Retreat Spa Party Jill Carol

When women get together we rally around each other and lift each other up”.  Dr. Deb Kern brought us up to our feet to rejoice.  Who doesn’t need a dose of this!

sweet - Deb greeting with crowd

And who can resist 450 classy chicks kicking off their heels and rocking out the night as dancing queens.  What an energy field of exuberance and estrogen we created!


A midnight dip in the pool and hot tub talk with my “roomies” further deepened our relationships and relaxed us for sleep.

sweet robes

A ceremonial closure imbedded all we had learned and experienced deeper into our cells and our souls.

sweet - 4 candles for closing

 So – worth my time and money?  YES

Renewed and transformed? ABSOLUTELY

Do it again next year?  DEFINITELY

You too can have this amazing experience.

Join me next year for this SWEET transformation!

sweet logo

Click here and let’s connect!

Tell me how you have been transformed because of a fabulous retreat you’ve attended.

 Be Well on Your SWEET Journey!


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