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Retirement – When Your Star is Finally Born

I thought being in the retirement zone meant I was done with a lot of things, including being a student.  I never thought I would ever have the desire to start all over again.  But I was wrong!  And here is why.  I love to work! It feeds me, energizes me, brings me joy, allows me to give back by helping others, brings structure to my day, and creates more money so I can do more of the pleasurable things I want to do like travel more.  So guess what – I’m a student again!  But it’s a new way of learning for me – while being at home.

I’m really jazzed to create a fantastic opportunity for YOU to find your own new and creative path in retirement and be the star you always wanted to be. But before I embark on that new direction, I decided to tap the expertise of a spectacular business trainer and coach Tara Gentile thru the educational website Creative Live  I was attracted to that site because I am creative and I thought it would be a match for me.  And what a wealth of short courses available on so many relevant topics.  Check it out sometime.

The best part was 3 full days of LIVE training all done while I was at home on my computer and all FREE!  And – it was the BEST TRAINING with the BEST CONTENT I needed right now to jumpstart my new initiative for nurses.  My head is still reeling from all the great stuff I learned in such a short period of time.  I’ve got a yellow pad completely full of notes and content from several FREE downloads with tips I am already using in this email right now.

But I need your assistance!

I’m armed and ready to create a spectacular re-birthing opportunity for YOU as you retire from nursing.  But first, I need to hear your thoughts about your own retirement.  Would you be willing to help me out by answering these 2 questions and email them back to me at

  1. What 3 issues about retirement concern you the most?

  2. What barriers stand in your way of having the retirement of your dreams?

After I collect all your fabulous insights I will be hosting a Q & A conference call on September 25 to share all the answers that will jumpstart you toward what’s next in your fabulous life.

FREE Gift for YOU

As a thank-you gift, I’d like to offer you my FREE e-book “Reinvent Yourself” to get you started on your path to a great retirement plus my weekly blogs to inspire you along the path.  Once I get your questions back I will send you the link to access both of these valuable resources.

So let’s partner up on this new journey of life in retirement by sending me your questions to

Deadline is September 22!

Be well on your journey.


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